Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pictures - Worth a Thousand Words!

Well, I asked Jonny to send a few pictures - and he sure did!  However, he did not label them, so I'm not sure what they are all of.  I've added a caption to the ones that I do have an idea on.
Thankfully, a picture is worth a thousand words...or so they say.

I spent my time sending all these pictures and writing the president, so I couldnt write a letter this week :( Tell everyone I am well, we have two baptisms set, and I am serving the Lord with all my might mind and strength. I love you mommy!!
My favorite.  Jonny at the Guayaquil Ecudor Temple.
He looks happy and healthy :)
I'm guessing this is the companionship he lives with, on thier Preparation Day.
All 3 others in his apartment are from Peru
and none of them speak any English :)
It looks like Jonny is really trying to blend in - no one would guess he is a blonde, blue-eyed American. And he must be feeling tall!!
I believe this is where Jonny is living.
Leaving the Boise Airport with his first traveling companion,
Elder Hoopes from Weiser, ID

I'm guessing this is the group that made it to Columbia together

Guard at Temple, maybe?

I believe this was his favorite Missionary Training Center Teacher

I'm pretty sure this was his Second MTC companion, Elder Diaz de Oropeza.
He's the one Jonny described as
kind of a mixture of Winnie the Pooh, the Pillsbury doughboy, (or his laugh at least), and the main guy of mobsters verses mormons"

With Elder Diaz at the Columbia Temple

About this one, Jonny said, "The place we stayed at the first night. We could see the temple
right outside our room! I fell asleep looking at it."
I believe this one is the Guayaquil Temple

First Companion in Ecuador.  Elder Llacza from Peru.

Baptism photo.  No details :(

Remember the story about the bird pooping on his head...gross.

With other Elders in Guayaquil

I will have to ask Jonny who this Elder is

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