Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Feeling the Fire

He's feeling the "fire" of missionary work...
let's just hope he doesn't burn the house down!

So first off- dad, thank you so much for the pictures! I love to see how the family is doing! unfortunately, im not able to save any of them, due to the fact that all aour memory cards and flash drives have been collected for the assistants to the president to go through. Also, aunt nan! Love the emails from MJ! i will try to write him if i can find the time! A new nephew? wow!! he looks good, way to go Mats and Nikki! And Kaden, Congratulations on the mission call man! Hey, if you can write me, a guy in my mission has some pretty sweet stories from his dad, who served in the same mission! (ps. theres a legend about black panthers down there - and its true). Also, mom, I sent a personal letter home for the family, but i dont know how long it might take to get there. I hear in can take up to months back and forth. ok, now for what has been going on here:

So it turns out we had a problem with fruit flies in our room. HAD. But now, i think i may have solved the problem. yet i may have also created a new one. I have instructed the latinos in my room the art of creating a handheld flame thrower with a can of axe spray and a lighter for the sake of ridding our house of the pestilences. We are fresh out of ways to do so humanely, and so we have taken very drastic measures. So far, its worked out pretty well. At least, we dont have a fruit fly problem anymore. Howe3ver, they havent quite given up the technique. I now call the guys who live with me the Peruvian Pyromaniacs, because they really are. But we are almost out of axe spray and lighter fluid, so i think that theres a chance that we wont end up burning the house down.

My companion and I are very blessed and fortunate to be having success in our mission. We have 4 baptismal dates scheduled, and are working with a family that looks very promising. We have three baptismal dates in the next three weeks, all of which are about prepared and are looking to be confident and strong members in the church. I ahve been blessed with the oportunity to baptise my first convert this Saturday in my mission! I am very excited, and know that it is only through the strength, inspiration, and guidance that the Lord has blessed my companionship with that these miracles are being prepared to take place.  

I am starting to see the power of the Priesthood more and more throughout my mission. So far, I have been able to take place in 4 priesthood blessings, 3 of which I have been given the opportunity to offer. Every time, I have no idea what I am going to say going into it, but as I open my mouth, the spirit fills it with words. I dont remember a lot of what I say in those blessings, partially because they arent really my own words, but what I have seen come to pass I will never forget. For one, a man who´s ankle had been swollen for two months lost all of its swelling just days after the blessing, and he was able to walk comfortably on it again. Elder Adams had been sick to the point that he could barely get off his bed and walk around for a week and a half or so, and a day after the blessing, he was up and working to full capacity again. My companion hurt his hand, and it was swollen, and looked bad. The morning after the blessing, he told me he felt no pain in it afterwards. To be honest, I was very humbled. I had struggled believing that the Lord´s power might be able to work through someone as imperfect as I, but through the mercy and grace of God, i have seen and have taken part in these miracles. I feel as Ammon in the Book of Mormon, where he says that as to his strength he is nothing, but through the Lord, he can do all things. Now, I am nothing comapared to that guy, but i feel as he does. There was nothing I could have done for these people, except for do my best to administer in my calling to them, but the Power of God has made them whole again.

Well, I am sorry if this email didnt make a lot of sense, but my thoughts are a little bit scattered, haha. But just know I am safe, I am happy, I am Elder Kofoed, and I am a missionary. (kind of dramatic, but i like it).

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