Monday, January 18, 2016

Training Elder Flores + Becoming District Leader = Joys and Burdens

With Elder Flores - a new missionary and a native of Ecuador
Hey fam!! Anyways, I have a latino son!!! He is from Ecuador, and his name is Elder Flores (which translates exactly into Elder Flowers)! you want to know how excited I was when they paired me up with Elder Flowers? I was so stoked! We have been super great buds, working hard and learning lots of stuff together! He was born in a family of members, and can read, which is super good because it means that he has already formed a great testimony and is ahead of the gang! It has been super great to be working with him.

I also did my very first baptismal interview yesterday. Holy cow, that was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in all my life. Just to see and talk to someone who had made such an amzing change in their life, over a long period of time, and to listen to them testify of the change that the gospel has brought into their life strengthened my testimony immensely. She will be baptised the following week, which is super great!

This week has also been the most stressful I have had in all of my life. I would even put it up there past finals week, if you can believe that. What with having to control my own district now, with a new missionary, I am always super busy and super stressed. The zone leaders put tons of pressure on us, and specifically me, which has been hard, but also really good for me. I have learned more in just this week than I have in any other week, and maybe even month in my mission. It has been so difficult, I even came close to the point in which I thought about giving up. But, I found a strength. There is a scripture in Matthew 11 that talks about all of us that are heavy laden and burdened can come unto the Lord, and cast our troubles off at his feet. I have really come to rely on that strength, and although I feel stressed and burdened, I just seek for Him, and He is there to help me out! 

Baptism of Tatiana Vasquez

Well, that is all for this week, Love ya all and take care!

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