Monday, February 15, 2016

Inspiration and Devastation

Hey guys! So, about this week, I have been saved two times from the hands of Gadianton´s modern day robbers here in Ecuador! I will not describe the experience, but it sufficeth me to say that the Spirit really can protect us, if we yield to its gentle enticings! 

Anyways, this week, what with Carnaval and stuff, we were stuck in the house and I was not able to write you guys. It was kind of a shame; I was kind of hoping for some crazy parades and floats and stuff like that, but Carneval here is NOT like what you see in the movie Rio. just a whole lot of water baloons and people trying to chase you down with facepaint and stuff, along with the regular fireworks and stuff.

I had a neat experience a few weeks ago, where I was running through the list of less-active members in the area (about 300 names or so) When I came upon a name, Moises Echeveria, that I felt like I just wanted to visit. We went to his house, and he let us in! We got in there, taught a lesson with him and his wife (non-member) and had a really neat experience. He told me that he felt something different when we came to his door that day. He had rejected plenty of missionaries before we came, but said he felt something different when we showed up. Since then, he has been dedicated to return to the church. He has been coming and bringing his wife, who is preparing to be baptised! He said he is willing to change everything for the better, and his goal is to be sealed with her in the temple someday! it was a little miracle that I was super happy to take part in. Something that I will never forget.

Well fam, this may or may not be my last letter that I will be writing to you, depending on the circumstances of my knee. I will be going in for my MRI today, and we will have my results by Wednesday to see what is going on. When the Doctor looked at my knee, he was not too thrilled at what he saw, and it does not look to good. He said that even without an MRI, it was obvious that surgical measures needed to be taken. It is pretty certain that i will not be staying here for very much longer. Whatever the case may be, I just know that I am in the Lord´s hands now, and He will do with me what He will. I am not excited to leave - this whole knee issue is not something I asked for. Yet, I know that I will return, and when I do so, i know that I will be able to serve the Lord with all my heart, might mind AND strength. 

I broke down the other day after i got back from the appointment. I was with my zone leader, Elder Thurber, who is also one of my great friends. He cried a little bit too, but he has been here helping me out. I am starting to realize that it is all in the Lord´s timing, and although I may not know all the mysteries of the Lord, i know that all I can do is trust in Him. With that, I leave you my testimony of my Savior, that He lives and loves me. I love you all, and I will talk to you soon!

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