Monday, February 8, 2016

Locked in for "Carnival"

Hey guys!! I didnt mention that I cannot write you guys on Monday, because apparently we will be locked up in our house while all the crazy parties and stuff are going on. This week is Carnival, and if any of you have seen Rio, its kind of like that, but in a version more nuts that the way Dreamworks put it haha! So I will just excuse myself for Monday, sorry!!!

So, we have good news! We have been teaching a family of 5 or so, and we finally are making progress towards a baptismal date! The mom and the son have accepted, and the others will follow along here pretty soon as well!

Well, I hate to leave you stranded with nothing much, but that is about all I can do for today! (about 10 minutes) Hasta el próximo Lunes!

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