Monday, February 29, 2016

Back in the States

My New Companions

Hey guys! I am back at home, but that doesn't mean that I am shirking on my blogging responsibilities! I will keep you guys updated every week, so that you'll know what is going on!

I will start off with the knee; so I got another MRI on it while I have been here, because the one from Ecuador was not super great quality. They have taken a look at it, and it appears that I have torn my left lateral meniscus (again) and grown a cyst around it (again). I am not sure when I will be having my surgery, but I will be going in for another appointment tomorrow morning to get the whole verdict. I should know by then when my surgery will be, and start my recuperation! It should not be too long; 8-10 weeks or so I believe, so that is good news! If everything goes well, I will be right back in Ecuador in no time!

I woke up at five in the morning last Tuesday to come back home, and got here at nine at night. But since there is a time difference of two hours, it felt like 11 o'clock. Not only that, but I had only slept a few hours the night before, so I came back super super tired, and I still feel like I am trying to catch up on it haha!

I think that the biggest shocker for me when I got back was how fat my dog Buster had gotten. Holy smokes when I tried to pick him up for the first time, I swear I almost threw my back out of place! I don't know if its because they have been feeding him so much or if he has been eating his feelings with my absence or something, but I'm sure he put on at least 10 pounds. Hope I can help him trim up a little bit.

I got back and had my interview with President Evans right after my flight landed. It was a really neat experience. We talked about my experiences, what I had learned, and some other good stuff, and then brought in the family. I got to bear my testimony to them, about what I had learned seen and felt in the mission. It was hard to do it in english, and I accidentally switched into spanish without realizing it haha! But after I finished, I was then thanked for my service and temporarily released from my calling as a missionary. Of the whole ordeal, that part was the hardest to go through. It was pretty rough when I got the news about my knee, and it was pretty rough walking around on it for all that time, but nothing hurt so bad as when I was officially (temporarily) released as a full-time missionary. I felt something kind of break inside of me; lost a sort of spiritual light that I had previously , subconsciously, felt. I did not have that same gift that kept me company before; I had lost that sacred calling, and I could actually feel its absence. I have noticed the difference in my daily life. When I go out to work with the missionaries, I cannot teach and administer like before (even though it is easier in English). The same strength and energy of that same spirit that kept me going doesn't help anymore. I yearn to have that back, and I am looking forward to that time when I am called to serve once more!

I have been thinking a lot about faith, and how by it, miracles can really happen. I have been hoping for the longest time that through my faith and obedience and prayers that somehow, miraculously, my knee would heal itself. Obviously, it never did quite heal all the way, and it has caused me to think and ponder about it a lot. I believe in miracles; heck, I have seen them with mine own eyes. So, my questions were: why would the Lord not heal me? Did I lack in faith? Was I not good enough? It was really hard for me, but President Evans said something to me that changed my perspective. He asked me: "do you have the faith to be healed?" and I replied that I thought I did. He then asked me afterward: "now, do you have the faith NOT to be healed?" That one kind of took me back. I had not really thought about it that way, but I guess that it made sense. The Lord would have healed me if He wanted to, but there was a reason that he hadn't. Maybe there was a reason He needed me to come back home; maybe I have some things that He needs me to do while I am here. I have felt that, my companions in the mission felt that, presidents and leaders, and my family. The truth is that I do not know what the Lord has in store for me, but all that I know is that He has a plan, and that it is a perfect one

So, to finish this off, I want to thank everybody who has been helping me through this rough time. The smiles, the hugs, the friendship, visits, everything really means a lot. I really love you guys a ton, and hope the very best! Take care, and I will talk to you later! 

-(post Elder) Jonny Kofoed
(ps. if you want to come visit me, I will probably be here in my house waiting!)

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